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Awaken Education’s purpose is to develop rich provisions, programs and projects that enrich communities with the knowledge that liberates their way of thinking. We take pride on instigating a powerful mindset shift with individuals that tackles limited beliefs and instigates positive changes in their futures.

We want each individual we work with to discover their purpose and sense of belonging amongst their community. We are unearthing realities in which young people feel they serve no purpose because they are not academically inclined, we want to demonstrate their capacity to change the world, to think BIG and develop their personal awareness to see how they can achieve anything, they truly put their mind to.

Awaken Education

Our Values

  • Awakening all to the limitless potential of education
  • Re-engaging young people to the world of education by instigating a positive outlook
  • High quality and inclusive provision delivered to all
  • Community agency work that ensures everyone experiences the sense of belonging.


Our programs can be tailored and inclusive to each school to support any whole school strategy to improve attendance, behavior or any pastoral element you wish to develop in your school. We are mindful that the individuals we work with may not have had a positive experience in schools because they have received high levels of consequences, so we aim to established better connections with the school and generate a sense of alignment with the school values. We are passionate about young people utilising their schools as a resource to achieving their dreams.

We are unschooling their previous associations with school life and educating them to value their current position in school. We are a pastoral support that truly taps into young people’s personalities to intrinsically motivate a positive change in their school and personal lives, by building personal relationships and delivering sincere content that is life changing. We are the ultimate re-engagement provision.

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Community and Family

All the community work we are involved in is progressive to the mindset of everyone involved, we want them to feel a positive change in their outlook and have an understanding that everyone can contribute their strengths to their community.

We want everyone to feel a true sense of belonging and direct their energy into having agency in their own lives and their community. Our holistic events focus on positive dialogue, fun and creating new wholesome experiences for all.

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School Provisions

We run specialised wholesome and profound provision, that really instigates a mindset shift in the young people we work with. All our provision is personalised for each individual school we work to offer the highest quality provision which is aligned with the whole school target to improve pastoral support, attendance or behavior.

The school provision is extremely engaging as it involves student led discussions, creativity, social projects and school agency. All our sessions are inclusive, meaningful and life changing. We have a big focus on reengaging students into their school school life, by discovering their passions and showcase to them how they can utilise school to support their long-term plans.

We are happy to work with schools to develop personailised and inclusive provisions specialised for each education establishment.

Life Changing School Provisions:

  • Events to raise money for young people to go to school in Gambia -Changing lives with your own words! #note for a stranger
  • Time to awaken up to your possibilities
  • Positive dialogue and relationships
  • Mindful Maths
  • Engaging English
  • Surreal Science
  • Motivate Mindset for Y11
  • Mindful techniques
  • Mindset Shift
  • Male Mental Health
  • Aim high attendance
  • Self-Directed Learning Projects
  • Sound a Sleep workshop
  • Yoga/ Mindful Movement and Meditation Workshop
  • Meditation

We also offer micro workshops for staff wellbeing workshops.

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